Zozimus is a recent short documentary (19 minutes) broadcast on RTE, which was selected for a number of Film Festivals including Docs ireland, Indie Cork and was winner of the Festival Award at Chicago Irish Film Festival (2020).

The Documentary is a retelling of a football match. Football as poetry and as music, as a cathartic release. The experience of football is nothing without it’s often maligned fans. Within this documentary the fans are the players, and Dalymount, the once proud home of Irish Football, our scene. The footballers, and the ball, are almost periphery to this. It is the fans that tell us the story
in their reaction and the match is itself a ballet that they dramatise.

In an increasingly corporate sporting environment there are a few outliers where the genuine emotion of the game is still represented. Much like the historical street poet Zosimus, they sing their songs outside that mainstream


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